Are there actual secret passages in Elden Ring? (2023)

How many secret passages are there in Elden Ring?

13 Hidden Areas In Elden Ring Everyone Completely Missed. In the vast world of Elden Ring, it's easy to miss these well-hidden areas of the Lands Between.

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Can you open secret passages in Elden Ring?

PSA: You Can Use Margit's Shackle To Reveal Hidden Walls In Elden Ring. No more flailing at walls hoping to find secrets.

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Where are the secret passages in Elden Ring?

Go into the first room on the right, and behind the dead body is an entrance that will take you to a secret passageway. Follow this around to the left, then take the gate southeast. Continue following this path until you reach the dead body. Then hit the wall on the left of the body.

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Are there invisible paths in Elden Ring?

As if illusory walls weren't enough, Elden Ring players have found that the game has invisible paths too.

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Is there a hidden path in Limgrave tunnels?

Here on the hidden floor, there are two paths at the end of the entrance tunnel. Every enemy is dangerous, but some are more dangerous than others. Concentrate on the enemies who aren't actively mining the walls. There's one to the right, and there's one to the left.

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Where is the 50 hit wall?

Located in Volcano Manor, the doorway simply led to an easily accessible room full of NPCs.

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Does Margit's shackle reveal hidden walls?

Margit's Shackle is an item you can find in Elden Ring that will make the difficult Margit the Fell Omen boss battle easier. However, the item appears to be good for much more as it can seemingly help you discover hidden illusory walls and stop fire-breathing traps.

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How many illusory walls are in Elden Ring?

There are two illusory walls in Kingsrealm Ruins in Liurnia. The first one is to the northern wall, which leads to the path to Caria Manor. The second one is on the eastern side of the ruins. This leads to an underground area where you'll fight a Royal Revenant.

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How many secret bosses does Elden Ring have?

If we are counting any enemy with a boss bar - whether through a fog gate or discovered when roaming the world which you can flee - our best estimate is there are 157 boss encounters in Elden Ring.

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How many invisible bridges are in Elden Ring?

There are two invisible bridges in Elden Ring, one is located in the Mountaintops of the Giants, and the second one is found in the Hidden Path to the Haligtree.

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