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Bathroom remodels and renovations are popular among homeowners looking to give their space a fresh look and feel. To revitalize the room, many choose to replace or refinish their existing tub or shower.

While remodeling or renovating your bathroom can help modernize the space and add value to your home, it can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Bath Fitter can provide a more affordable option for many homeowners. We researched Bath Fitter reviews, pricing, and installation options to understand its unique approach to remodeling tubs and showers. Read on to learn more about the company’s materials, benefits, drawbacks, and services.


  • Bath Fitter specializes in creating custom solutions for bathtubs, showers, walls and wainscoting.
  • The cost of services offered by Bath Fitter are based on your tub or shower dimensions, the liner you select, and the condition of your bath. You can obtain a cost estimate by reaching Bath Fitter at 800-892-2847
  • Bath Fitter has an efficient remodeling process that gives customers their new shower or tub as soon as the next day.

Bath Fitter Overview

Founded in 1984 by three brothers who wanted to revolutionize the remodeling industry, Bath Fitter offers homeowners pain-free tub and shower conversions that transform the look of their space. The company makes custom, high-gloss acrylic liners that install on top of your existing bath. This choice can eliminate the need for expensive tub or shower demolition.

Bath Fitter makes liners for bathtubs, showers, and their surrounding walls, along with additional accessories like shower doors, shelves, seats, and more. The company has hundreds of locations across 45 states and nine Canadian provinces.

Pros & Cons of Bath Fitter


  • Protects your investment with a lifetime warranty
  • Has served over two million customers in over 35 years of bathroom refinishing
  • Offers solutions in as little as a day


  • Isn’t available in Alaska, Hawaii, Minnesota, Montana and Wyoming
  • Doesn’t offer toilet, sink or flooring remodel services

Services & Materials

Bath Fitter specializes in creating custom solutions for bathtubs, showers, walls and wainscoting. Additionally, the company provides a variety of accessories to cater to the needs of each homeowner. Take a look at the array of available Bath Fitter products below:

  • Bathtubs: The company offers high-gloss acrylic tub liners that install over your existing tub. These low-maintenance liners come in 12 different designs and four unique colors, including white, pearl, white marble and ivory marble. The liners are also custom-molded, making it possible to fit them over most tubs.
  • Showers: Bath Fitter offers custom-built shower liners for homeowners looking to convert their tub into a shower or remodel their existing unit. These liners are made with the same high-gloss acrylic seen in bathtub models and are available in multiple colors and designs.
  • Walls and wainscoting: To finish off your Bath Fitter tub or shower remodel, the company uses its own manufactured waterproof shower walls and wainscoting to give your bathroom a decorative flare. Both pieces are a great alternative to traditional tile, eliminating joints and seams to simplify bathroom cleanup and maintenance. Their walls and wainscoting options come in various designs, allowing you to create a bold, contrasting look or a seamless, continuous design.
  • Accessories: Bath Fitter allows its customers to top off their new bathroom remodel with their choice of faucet and shower head. The company also has an array of shelves and soap dishes along with grab bars and shower seats to help ensure your shower is safe and accessible.
  • Design your own bath: The company has a unique interactive tool that lets customers design their own bathroom. Users start by selecting either a bathtub or shower install design before going on to choose from a variety of walls and accessories, such as grab bars and corner shelves.

Bath Fitter Cost

Bath Fitter is a nationwide company, and pricing varies depending on the custom job. When we spoke to a representative during our secret shopping process, they explained that an in-home consultation is necessary to accurately quote customers for a shower or tub installation.

On our phone call, the salesperson explained that quotes will be based on the following factors:

  • Your tub or shower dimensions: The cost of your liner will go up or down depending on the size of your new tub or shower. As expected, the larger the area’s overall dimensions, the higher your estimate will be.
  • The liner you select: Bath Fitter offers its customers a range of bathtub and shower designs, with more intricate patterns and layouts costing more than other basic designs.
  • Existing bath’s condition: Before installation can begin, a Bath Fitter technician will ensure your current bathtub or shower is intact and secure. Occasionally, repairs will need to be made, increasing your overall estimate.

To walk you through the cost of installing a unique tub or shower liner in your home, the company offers online scheduling to book a free consultation.

Bath Fitter Installation Process

Bath Fitter has an efficient remodeling process that gives customers their new shower or tub as soon as the next day. Take a look at the company’s five-step process below.

  1. Consultation and design: Once you contact your local Bath Fitter provider, a consultant will come to your home and walk you through your options for shower or bath remodeling. For your safety and convenience, Bath Fitter also offers a virtual consultation.
  2. Measurements: After the consultation, the representative will take detailed measurements of your bath and wall, if desired. These dimensions impact the overall cost of your project and are used to create your custom liner. After measurements, you’ll receive a quote detailing the overall cost of your project.
  3. Custom manufactured: Using the dimensions gathered from your in-home consultation, Bath Fitter will make a one-of-a-kind acrylic liner with your selected design and color.
  4. Preparation: Once your custom-built liner is complete, a Bath Fitter technician can prepare for installation. This process is started by cleaning your existing bathtub or shower and making any necessary repairs to its structure. Bath Fitter’s process eliminates the need to remove your old tub or shower.
  5. Installation: Once preparation is complete, your technician will install your bathtub or shower liner over your existing structure. After the one-day installation, customers can begin to use their new shower or tub within 24 hours. Additionally, Bath Fitter supports its quality workmanship with its comprehensive lifetime warranty, which protects your investment should something break or get damaged.

Bath Fitter Reviews

Because Bath Fitter operates satellite locations across the country, its Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and accreditation varies from place to place. To give a holistic view of the provider, we gathered a few BBB customer reviews from various Bath Fitter locations across the country. Here’s a look:

““[I] just had a garden tub with glass doors removed and a walk-in shower put in. Great experience … The rep who came out to show me what they could do for me was very knowledgeable and answered every question I had.””

““Initially they did a great job installing a whole bathroom for me. However, their repair dept. is not very good or organized. This is my second repair request on the same issue, and it is taking more than 45 days to set up a repair. I am not trusting their "Lifetime Warranty" policy, service is very poor!””

Get a Quote From Bath Fitter

Obtaining a quote from Bath Fitter is as simple as filling out a quick online form or calling the company at 800-892-2847. Once contacted, the provider will walk you through the specifics of your project, providing you with installation details and pricing information.

Our Verdict on Bath Fitter

While Bath Fitter provides a narrow range of bathroom remodeling options, the company’s simple installation and affordability make it a great option for many homeowners. The provider offers custom-built, high-quality acrylic bathtubs and showers that install over your existing model, helping you revitalize your bathroom and increase your home’s value.

Additionally, the provider offers a lifetime warranty, offering support to address any issues you may have in the future. Thanks to its affordable pricing relative to bathroom demolitions and quick installation times, Bath Fitter can take the stress of bathroom renovations off of homeowners.

FAQs About Bath Fitter

What is the average cost for a Bath Fitter?

The cost of your Bath Fitter liner varies based on many factors, including the size of your shower or bathtub, the design you select and your location.

How long do Bath Fitter liners last?

Bath Fitter uses a high-quality acrylic liner that’s guaranteed for life. If something goes wrong, you can be sure the company will stand behind their product and promptly resolve the issue.

What is the average time it takes for Bath Fitter to remodel a tub or shower?

Bath Fitter liners go over the existing layout of your tub or shower, helping expert technicians install your custom-built insert within 24 hours.

What are the benefits of Bath Fitter?

There are a variety of benefits to selecting a Bath Fitter over traditional bathroom remodels. Along with its lifetime warranty, Bath Fitter’s inserts are made with easy-to-clean acrylic that’s free from grout lines and gaps that host bacteria. Additionally, the provider offers a variety of designs for homeowners to choose from and an interactive online tool for building your own custom insert.

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