10 of the Best Scrubs in 2023: Maternity, Plus-Size, Mens.. (2023)

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Hello readers! Today we're going to review the ten best scrubs for 2023. We're going to cover an excellent scrub selection for pregnant nurses and curvy nurses, as well as for durability and economy. But what about male nurses? We've done the homework and have the guys covered in this guide as well. If you're wondering what are the best scrubs for men or what are the best scrubs for curvy women, you'll find answers in this list!

Here is a list of top ten scrubs in 2023 (in no particular order because each nurse has different priorities regarding fit, feel, and aesthetic).

1. Mandala Scrubs

Mandala Scrubs hit qualifiers for economy, pockets, color variety, and quality fabric. According to the company website, their markup from production to selling is a lower profit margin than most apparel companies, which means that, in this case, you aren't sacrificing quality for the economy. Mandala has a gorgeous maternity line, including maternity pants that still have pockets. Their fabric is spill-resistant and four-way stretch, and their men's line offers just as much color variety as their women's lines. Men's sizes are available from XS to 4XL, and women's sizes XXS to 4XL.

Takeaway: Quality, economy, four-way stretch, a wide range of colors, size-inclusive, maternity line

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2. Barco Scrubs

10 of the Best Scrubs in 2023: Maternity, Plus-Size, Mens.. (1)

Barco is the brand behind the Grey's Anatomy scrubs. Barco Scrubs offer multiple shirt and pants style designs as well as a broad range of colors. Pockets in the tops and pants are a plus, and again, this brand recognizes the value of quality fabric. A spandex stretch with a moisture-wicking and antimicrobial finish keeps you cool and comfortable all shift long, and sizes in both men's and women's lines range from XS to 3XL. For sustainability-minded professionals, the Barco One line fabric incorporates recycled plastic water bottles yet is moisture-wicking, lightweight, and anti-static.

Takeaway: Variety of scrub styles, sustainability options, range of colors, quality fabric

3. Koi Scrubs

Koi Scrubs are so serious about their fabric that they've trade-marked their own fabric that "combines durability and stretch with the softness of cotton." They also have a sustainability line, Planet Koi; the fabrics used on this line incorporate recycled fibers. Furthermore, for each Planet Koi article sold, they promise to plant a tree, partnering with the non-profit One Tree Planted. Women's sizing in the Planet Koi line ranges from XXS to 5X, but unfortunately, this sustainability line is exclusively female.

Women's sizing ranges in their trade-marked fabric ranges from XXS to 3X. Koi does offer men's tops, pants, and jackets ranging in sizes from XXS to 5X as well as offering varying lengths; Short, Regular, and Tall.

Takeaway: Quality, sustainability options, size-inclusive

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4. TiScrubs

In the peppy words of Deniece Williams, "Let's hear it for the boys!" This scrubs brand was founded specifically for men. The TiScrubs founder Natalie is married to a man who, in 2012, was tired of uncomfortable scrubs for his work life day in and day out. According to the company's site, Natalie set out to create athletic-inspired comfortable scrubs thanks to the prompting of her husband, and the results are impressive. Offering men's and women's lines that include official NFL player scrub tops, under scrubs, arm sleeves, and pocketed pants, the sizes range from XS to 3XL; the fabric used is moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, no-shrink, no-fade, and has antimicrobial finishing.

Takeaway: Founded for men, sports styles, quality fabric

10 of the Best Scrubs in 2023: Maternity, Plus-Size, Mens.. (2)

5. Cherokee

Four-way stretch, durable, and moisture-wicking scrubs, and economy are rolled into one in the Cherokee Scrubs lines. With the most economical versions for pants and tops priced under $15, Cherokee has been a staple scrubs provider for healthcare professionals for a long time. In addition to various styles of tops and pants, a notable feature provided by Cherokee is their zipper and button closure pants for both men and women. Not everyone likes the elastic drawstring waistband, and for those of you who don't, Cherokee's got you! Sizing ranges from XXS to 5XL in women's (a few designs also offer petite sizing) and XSM to 5XL in men's and unisex regular, short, and tall in men's.

Takeaway: Economical, size-inclusive, unisex line, zip fly closure options

image source: https://www.cherokeeuniforms.com/cherokee-mens-scrubs

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6. Jaanuu

Jaanuu is a favorite that made last year's list, and yes, they're still a top dog. Women's sizing ranges from XXS to 3XL for regular, petite, and tall. Jaanuu makes a splash on its website about its research and engineering, seeking to maximize scrub performance to make healthcare professionals comfortable on the job. They care about fit, and you can search for classic fit, slim fit, and tailored fit in tops, slim and classic fits, and length or rise for pants. Four-way stretch, durability, antimicrobial finishing, and both wrinkle and fade-resistance qualities are part of their newest collection, the G14. Here's a fun little detail; for an additional price, you can request an embroidered detail on some of their scrubs.

Takeaway: Engineer-backed designs, four-way stretch, size inclusion, specific attention to fit

10 of the Best Scrubs in 2023: Maternity, Plus-Size, Mens.. (3)


FIGS is having fun with color these days, and if your job allows it, why shouldn't you too? With scrub lines offering colors including heather denim, teal, limeade, and two ombre color options, you can go boldly with FIGS to work. Their maternity line offers joggers and slim pants with knit belly band support, and their maternity tops offer adjustable shape at the waist for late-term pregnant moms. Traditional sizing options for women offer XXS to 2XL, and for men XS to 2XL, with additional sizing for men from 3XL to 6XL. Four-way stretch, moisture-wicking, anti-wrinkle, antimicrobial, and softness are favored qualities in FIGS scrubs. Some of these designs also offer embroidered detail for an additional cost.

Takeaway: Maternity line, size inclusion, fun color options, quality fabrics

8. Med Couture

Med Couture's maternity line is a favorite, as the skin on our bellies tightens; often, expecting mothers are more sensitive to the feel of the fabric. Med Couture's maternity top is soft and stretchy with side panels that are adjustable to create more space with growth. Med Couture also offers maternity pants both in traditional pant style and jogger style, both with a knit belly band for soft support, and they all have pockets. Sizing in both petite XS-XL and regular XS-3X.

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Takeaway: Maternity wear, soft, adjustable

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9. Dickies

Dickies scrubs offer women's and men's lines, but they seem to be particularly popular among men, likely due to the brand's history of providing dependable men's workwear in a variety of occupations. While they offer the traditional drawstring and jogger pants, they also offer cargo pants with a zipper and button closure. Sizes range from XXS to 5XL, and the color range varies depending on the style selected.

Takeaway: Durability, long-standing brand name, zip fly, size inclusion.

10 of the Best Scrubs in 2023: Maternity, Plus-Size, Mens.. (4)

10. Scrubstar

Scrubstar is Walmart's exclusive brand of scrubs, and while the brand name itself may not be well-known, the name Walmart absolutely is. In addition to offering comfortable and economical scrubs (prices starting at $9.99) for both men and women, Scrubstar designers have a lot of fun with their prints. They do offer traditional solid-colored scrubs, but they really shine with the variety and playfulness of their print designs. The maternity line provides knit panels for comfort and flexibility in the tops and belly support in the pants. Sizing ranges from XS to 3XL.

Takeaway: Economy, maternity, fun print styles

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What brand of scrubs are the softest? ›

  • Grey's Anatomy by Barco. Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, Grey's Anatomy Scrubs sit atop our list of the most comfortable scrubs. ...
  • Cherokee Luxe Scrubs. ...
  • HH Works by Healing Hands. ...
  • Cherokee Infinity Scrubs. ...
  • WonderFlex Scrubs by WonderWink. ...
  • Cherokee iFlex Scrubs. ...
  • Barco One Scrubs. ...
  • Carhartt Cross-Flex Scrubs.

How many pairs of scrubs should a nurse own? ›

How Many Scrubs Should a Nurse Own? It's a good idea to have a set for each shift you work per week, plus a spare set just in case. So, if you normally work 4 times per week, 5 sets of scrubs should be enough to keep you going.

What color scrubs do nurses wear? ›

What color scrubs do nurses wear? Nurses usually wear light blue scrubs so that they are distinguishable from doctors and surgeons. Traditionally, nurses wore white but white is too difficult to keep clean in clinical settings.

Why are scrubs so expensive? ›

They Are More Durable

Scrub manufacturers know their scrubs will need to be able to stand up to repeated amounts of washes, wear and tear, and as such, use high-quality materials such as polyester and rayon that are durable but costly.


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